[b-hebrew] Question on 18th Dynasty Egypt (Peter Kirk)

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On 24/11/2004 17:05, Karl Randolph wrote:

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>What are the linguistic clues in Torah concerning the cooking utensiles?
>When they left Egypt they had kneading troughs, most likely made of wood. During the wanderings, there is mentioned grinding and boiling of food, which presuppose some sort of utensiles. Roasting of birds could be done with a handy stick. Are there any other linguistic clues?

There is a mention in Numbers 11:8 of a hand mill (rexayim), a mortar 
(medokha) and a pot (parur). But I guess all of these words are 
sufficiently obscure to be of little help to this investigation. The 
hand mill may have been simply a pair of stones of a suitable shape, and 
so archaeologically indistinguishable from any other stones especially 
after millennia of wear from desert sandstorms.

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