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Thanks for the direction Walter, it'll help me to
navigate through the literature.

- sameer

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> Sameer wrote:
> "A related question -- what do you guys think about
> Michael S. Sanders (biblemysteries.org)?  I have
> spent
> a long time on the Internet trying to corroborate
> his
> data re: the Exodus etc. and have had a hard time
> evaluating his credentials/credibility on matters
> archaeological -- sorry this is a bit off topic, but
> I
> know that a lot of you are competent in this area
> and
> could give me a heads up."
> Dear Sameer,
> Michael S. Sanders' Exodus articles employ sources
> that are written by 
> amateurs. He cites at times from an amateur, Herman
> L. Hoeh's _Compendium of 
> World History_ (which I have in my collection),
> which is basically a 
> "hodge-podge" of data drawn from Late Medieveal
> period composed histories of 
> Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well as Europe,
> trying to relate tribes and 
> nations mentioned in the Bible to European nations.
> Most professional 
> scholars would view this "Medieval speculation" as
> untrustworthy (for 
> example Scyths mentioned in ancient Greek sources
> are suppossedly Scots in 
> the Medieval Histories).
> Sanders understands the Exodus occurred at the
> interval between the Early 
> Bronze and Middle Bronze Age, like Hoeh, the MB I
> being Joshua and the 
> Judges,at the end of the 13th Egyptian Dynasty,
> dating the Exodus to ca. 
> 1452 BC, but Professional Egyptologists date the end
> of the 13th Dynasty to 
> ca. 1650 BCE (cf. p. 90. Peter A. Clayton.
> _Chronicle of the Pharaohs, The 
> Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers and Dynasties of
> Ancient Egypt_. London. 
> Thames & Hudson.1994). He has Mount Sinai being a
> volcano in Saudi Arabia 
> south of Mecca, which he accepts as being Kadesh
> Barnea on the authority of 
> Emmanuel Velikovsky, who's research on the Bible is
> regarded as dubious by 
> many professional scholars (However, Hoeh argues
> Kadesh is Petra in Jordan 
> and that the "lost tribes of Israel" are the
> inhabitants of the British 
> Isles. Hoeh's 18th Dynasty under Ahmose I begins ca.
> 1076-1051 BC whereas 
> professional Egyptologists date him ca. 1560-1520
> BCE).
> Sanders' has "a following" due to his popularized TV
> productions on "the 
> Bible and Archaeology," (or "Bible Mysteries") but
> most professional 
> archaeologists and bible scholars would regard his
> ideas (as well as Hoeh's) 
> as "fringe" and not to be taken seriously.
> As regards Sanders' arguments for a 13th Dynasty
> Exodus at the interval of 
> the Early Bronze-Middle Bronze period I would
> suggest that you read William 
> H. Stiebing Jr's. _Out of the Desert ? Archaeology
> and the Exodus/Conquest 
> Narratives. Amherst, New York. Prometheus Books.
> 1989. paperback, available 
> at www.prometheusbooks.com
> Stiebing covers ALL the different periods of time
> proposed for the Exodus, 
> INCLUDING the interval between the Early Bronze and
> Middle Bronze and notes 
> the archaeological anomalies for this period.
> Alternately, you might consider visiting my website,
> www.bibleorigins.net 
> and under the OT and Geography Menus read the
> articles on the Exodus noting 
> the archaeological problems for ALL periods.
> Regards,
> Walter Reinhold Warttig Mattfeld y de la Torre, M.A.
> Ed.
> mattfeld12 at charter.net
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