[b-hebrew] byzantine texts

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Thu Nov 18 18:54:52 EST 2004

As with your position on the relationship of Phoenician to Hebrew, you
have reversed the order of the Byzantine texts and the texts on which the
critical text of the NT is based.  The Byzantine texts are later than B,
Aleph, A, etc. which are the basis for the N-A text.  It therefore is
incorrect to say that

"the Byzantine tradition of texts of the New Testament preserved some
indications in the transliterations of names that a shift in
pronunciation had occured and come almost to completion. By the time of
the texts that Nestlé is based on, that pronunciation shift was finished
and those NT texts were cleaned up to reflect that."

You seem to believe very firmly that "the first shall be last and the
last shall be first."


The argument goes on and on between NT scholars who hold to the Byzantine
and eclectic texts, but it is not correct to say that the text of B,
Aleph, etc. is older than that of the Byzantine tradition. The 'texts'
i.e. the codices of B and Aleph are older, but there is no consensus that
the text they contain and represent is older than text represented in the
Byzantine codices.

Older manuscripts do not necessarily prove older texts.


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