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...It is a moot point if there even was an Exodus as depicted in the
Pentateuch. The housing styles and the pottery reflect an unbroken
sequence which would tend to indicate that there was no influx of a
foreign element into the land. It would seem that Israel was an
indigenous people of the country. ..."

  This point, the absence of new pottery assemblies in IA I has been mentioned often as proof of lack of outside newcomers in the highlands . However pottery  resembling the one   in the highlands of Cis-Jordan was also found in Moab.

  Further, both Albright (if one may be forgiven for mentioning  the name in a modern list) and Finkelstein long after him, pointed out that when less developed groups such as nomads settle down among more devloped population, the former will adopt the the higher technology.

  There are other points, but all taken together are neither archaeological proof , in my view, nor a refutation of outside settlers. The case is still open.


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