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>...It is a moot point if there even was an Exodus as depicted in the
>Pentateuch. The housing styles and the pottery reflect an unbroken
>sequence which would tend to indicate that there was no influx of a
>foreign element into the land. It would seem that Israel was an
>indigenous people of the country. ..."
>  This point, the absence of new pottery assemblies in IA I has been mentioned often as proof of lack of outside newcomers in the highlands . However pottery  resembling the one   in the highlands of Cis-Jordan was also found in Moab.
But where did the IA I date come from? The dating for Moses which George 
called "absurd" was ca. 1450-1400. No one would identify that date (or 
the end of it, for the Conquest) with IA I. On the orthodox chronology 
1400 would be somewhere in the LB, but other chronologies e.g. that of 
John Bimson identify a Conquest at about this date with the widespread 
destruction, including of Jericho, at the end of MB IIB.

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