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Why would Israel seek shelter within Aravis when the whole point was to flee the oppression brought on them by the Hyksos? If I were oppressed, and then my oppressor was distracted by an attack by another enemy, that would be a prime time to get the ... out of there, not hide myself among my oppressors. It doesn't make sense.

However, the picture given in Exodus shows no signs of coming war, so I suspect that when the Hyksos lost a pharaoh and an army chasing their wayward ex-slaves, that this was the signal for Ahmose to launch his campaign before the Hyksos had a chance to recover. But the part about Ahmose is speculation on my part.

Karl W. Randolph.

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>   Regardless, I wrote that if there were any of Jacob's tribe 
> living in the north of Egypt at the time when it was attacked by Ahmose, the 
> Theban prince, they would have surely sought shelter within the fortified city 
> of Avaris-- of the legendary great walls--, in the eastern Delta, once they 
> found out that Ahmose was "on the water", as his army came on the Nile.  And 
> been expelled with the rest once Avaris fell.
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