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> ...
>>This would have been not to long prior to the establishment of the
>>northern kingdom itself.
>My apologies -- that should have read "This would have been not too long
>prior to . . . "
Well, your alternative version is grammatical, but it is still entirely 
speculative. You have no way of telling how long before the 
establishment of the northern kingdom these events happened - even 
assuming they are historical when you assume that most of the rest of 
Judges etc is not. I also note that you depend on a doubtful reading 
M$H, Moses in Judges 18:30 where the Masoretic text has MN$H, Manasseh, 
and assume that BEN means "son" rather than "descendant". But if you 
make similar assumptions with other genealogical texts you get a very 
different chronology.

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