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On 18/11/2004 01:09, Karl Randolph wrote:

>>From all of these, I get the picture that Joseph was stationed in Thebes under an Egyptian pharaoh. He was a distance away, but close enough that he could make regular trips to visit his family.
It is now possible to make regular trips from Thebes/Luxor to the Delta 
area, courtesy of the comfortable night train or a flight, but in 
Joseph's time it would have been many days' journey each way, something 
very rarely possible for a busy government minister. More likely Joseph 
lived in the Delta or not far from it, e.g. Memphis or the nearby Middle 
Kingdom capital of Itj-tawy, if not at the Hyksos capital Avaris which 
was in the eastern Delta near to the other Israelites.

>As for the name Raamses for a city name, it is mentioned in Genesis from before the Hyksos period. It was one of the major production cities during the Hyksos period. Is there enough information to rule out that that was a city that was destroyed when the Hyksos were expelled, and never rebuilt? Or if rebuilt, had a different name?

There is good evidence that the city of Rameses or Pi-Ramesse was built 
on or near the site of the Hyksos capital of Avaris, both at modern Tell 
ed-Daba, which is the site of Bietak's excavations which you mention. So 
this is simply a case of a later redactor of the biblical text using the 
contemporary name in place of the ancient one - as clearly happens with 
the place name Dan in the Pentateuch.

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