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> Peter, 
> It is a moot point if there even was an Exodus as depicted in the
> Pentateuch.  The housing styles and the pottery reflect an unbroken
> sequence which would tend to indicate that there was no influx of a
> ign element into the land.  It would seem that Israel was an
> indigenous people of the country.  
> As regards the dating of Moses (whoever or whatever he may have 
> been)
> note that in Jdg 18 it is stated that the grandson of Moses was a 
> priest
> in the hill-country of Ephraim who was pressed into the service of 
> the
> Danites who then migrated to the area of Laish where the Mushite 
> line was
> established as the priesthood WITH GRAVEN IMAGES (which probably 
> was
> intended to account for the establishment of the Israelite cultic 
> site at
> Dan under Jeroboam I).  Since this was the grandson of Moses, this 
> could
> not be far removed in time from Moses himself considering the 
> limited
> life-span of the time (contrary to the view set forth in the Tanak). 
> This would have been not to long prior to the establishment of the
> northern kingdom itself.
> george
> gfsomsel
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My apologies -- that should have read "This would have been not too long
prior to . . . "


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