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> I wonder if Tabya d.1797 was really the son of Ishak d.1702 and b. 
> before 1640? Maybe aged Ishak's young wife had some help from a local 
> Arab. That would be the period indicated by the genetic test, although 
> I'm sure the 250 year estimate is very rough.

You little devil--you may have figured it out ;-)   On the other hand, don't 
sell these Samaritan guys too short.  That HP Shalom, who recently died, was 
one heck of a strong man at 81, before cancer attacked him, and had no trouble 
picking up a hundred pound sheep, waving it around, and then pinning it down 
for the slaughter at Passover.  This is only one of several anecdotes I have 
been told about this remarkable man by someone very close to him, several having 
to do with his great stamina.  So, being one of the twigs off that family 
tree, maybe his ancestors weren't too feeble, either.  In another anecdote, HP 
Shalom was in the hospital and by then a widower.  The octogenarian jokingly 
said to my friend, "There are many blonde Russian nurses here.  Do you think you 
can arrange perhaps one of them for my next wife?"  There were a couple of 
doctors present.  So my friend asked them "Do you think HP Shalom is in any shape 
to have fun with a new wife?"  They both anwered in unison "Sure!" ;-)

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