[b-hebrew] Frequency analysis of Torah words and phrases.

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Wed Nov 17 06:08:59 EST 2004

On 17/11/2004 01:21, Christopher V. Kimball wrote:

>> A frequency analysis of words and phrases from the Torah is available 
>> at:
>> http://www.cvkimball.com/Analyze/Instructions/Torah/Summary.xml.
>> This analysis is produced by the free Java application Analyze at:
>> http://www.cvkimball.com/Analyze/Analyze.html
>> which can process Hebrew texts from the Unicode/XML Tanach.
>> In looking at the results, a "singleton" is a word that occurs only 
>> once in the text. An "n-tuple" consists of a phrase of n words 
>> repeated at least twice in the text.  The analysis shown is of 
>> unvowelized, ketib text split at the maqaf to form words.  Please 
>> leave lots of time for downloading and rendering.
>> Chris Kimball

Chris, this looks interesting, but when I go to 
http://www.cvkimball.com/Analyze/Instructions/Torah/Summary.xml I get 
the message

> Error loading stylesheet: A network error occured loading an XSLT 
> stylesheet:http://www.cvkimball.com/Analyze/Instructions/Torah/..%5CAnalyze.xsl

You probably need to copy this stylesheet to the right place, and avoid 
using the ".." notation for a higher level directory.

Peter Kirk
peter at qaya.org (personal)
peterkirk at qaya.org (work)

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