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On 16/11/2004 19:23, Mark Camilleri wrote:

>However I would like to ask what about another sibilant Arabic owns, that is, the Sad (emphatic /s/)? It is tempting to say that it corresponds with tzade in the numeric order (i.e. 90) but, in most cases, phonetically speaking, tzade compares best with the emphatics Dad and Zha rather than with Sad. 
>Can I have an answer to this?
According to the chart which I posted a couple of days ago, there are 
three Arabic letters which correspond to Hebrew tsade. Here is an 
extract from the chart, with the Arabic letter names and letters added:

Proto-Semitic     Hebrew            Classical Arabic

θ̣ (th dot)       ṣ (s dot)=tsade   ẓ (z dot)=zah ظ
ṣ (s dot)        ṣ (s dot)=tsade   ṣ (s dot)=sad ص
ẓ́ (z acute dot)  ṣ (s dot)=tsade   ḍ (d dot)=dad ض

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