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Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Sun Nov 14 19:43:55 EST 2004

On 14/11/2004 23:46, Joseph I. Lauer wrote:

> ... ["An example is "llyfr"
> (book)" (wouldn't this have been very interesting, and a source for many
> dissertations, if sefer started with a Sin instead of a Samech?!)].  In a
> humorous vein, a May 2, 1993 article in The New York Times Sunday Travel
> Section (p. 39), by Pamela Petro ("Gymru and Cymru and All That"), states
> that "The famous Welsh double L, as in Lloyd, is pronounced as if you 
> happen
> to sneeze violently while saying the word 'little.'"
>    Whatever its original sound, the Sin apparently has not been 
> pronounced
> "correctly" in 2,000 years. ...

Thank you. I tend to agree with the Welsh link, but I will check with my 
pastor who knows both (modern) Hebrew and Welsh (although he is an 
Arab!) Of course the Welsh still pronounce their double L correctly. But 
I guess "llyfr" is  derived from Latin "liber" rather than Hebrew 
"sefer". But you will find Hebrew words in Wales, including the town of 
Bethesda - which probably got its name from a church of that name.

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