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The question come up then, what sort of skin condition would make the people afraid when they saw it (Exodus 34:30)? Furthermore, it could be seen at a distance, so that would seem to rule out a minor skin condition. If it were that his skin sprouted horns large enough to be seen at a distance, what sort of mask could cover it (verses 33, 35)? But that the skin of his face became, in modern terminology, a light source would fit the passage.

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> I thought in Rabbinic writings QRN usually referred to corners and points,
> i.e., projections in general, including horns and rays, (and yes, also the
> principal on a loan, but I'm not sure how that is related).
> Perhaps Moses' face grew bumps? [Does b. Shab. 108a use QRN to refer to a
> growth in one's eye? YH) R(W) DTYPWQ QRN) B(YNK ]
> Else why the mention of skin?
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> > I assume that "qeren" "horn" became "ray", because of the sun's "rays"
> > seeming to extend like "horns" of light. As far as what 
> > happened to Moses in
> > Ex 34:29-30, 35, I'm not convinced that what it really means 
> > is that his
> > face "shone". I know that that is the common interpretation 
> > (remember the
> > movie?), but literally, "the skin of his face became horned" 
> > - perhaps some skin condition?
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