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I assume that "qeren" "horn" became "ray", because of the sun's "rays"
seeming to extend like "horns" of light. As far as what happened to Moses in
Ex 34:29-30, 35, I'm not convinced that what it really means is that his
face "shone". I know that that is the common interpretation (remember the
movie?), but literally, "the skin of his face became horned" - perhaps some
skin condition?


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> Dear list,
> The only verse I see so far where QRNYM means "rays" is Hab 3:4. I
> wonder, is there any possibility that the word there is a homonym of
> the word meaning "horns" and actually derives from the verb QRN,
> meaning "shine," which occurs in Ex 34:29-30, 35? BDB says the verb
> is a denominative from the noun "horn," to which it ascribes the
> meaning "ray" in Hab 3:4. But it is at least conceivable that the
> "ray" and "shine" words represent an entirely different word, not
> simply an extension of meaning and form of QRN meaning "horn."
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