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> Peter Kirk
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> As the modern Hebrew speakers on this list have only confused me and
> others, I asked a someone I know who attended a Hebrew school in Israel,
> although actually a Christian Arab. According to him:
> rays (plural) = keranim, construct karne
> horns (plural) = keranot, construct karnot (?)
> horns (dual) = karnaim, construct karne
> He admits that his knowledge is imperfect. But would anyone choose to
> correct him?
> Peter Kirk
> The above is fine, but I would add that im Mod. Heb. Keren is also
commonly used for "fund" , and the pl. here is Keranot. Of course the
correct transliteration of the letter Quf is a  Q.
> Uri

As long as we're on this, I'd add that while the form "qeranot", construct
"qarnot" for "horns" (plural) is grammatically correct, most speakers of
modern Hebrew would actually use "Qarnaim/Qarnei" for "horns", even if there
were more than two, just like they would use "raglaim" for "legs", even of a
four-legged animal or of a table. A four-horned altar (such as that found at
Beer-Sheva) is a "mizbeah arba qarnaim", though "the horns of the alter"
would be "qarnot hammizbeah", following the biblical form.


p.s.  Dilemmas, for some reason, don't have horns in Hebrew. ; )

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