[b-hebrew] Karnaim

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Thu Nov 11 23:01:47 EST 2004

Dear list,

The only verse I see so far where QRNYM means "rays" is Hab 3:4. I 
wonder, is there any possibility that the word there is a homonym of 
the word meaning "horns" and actually derives from the verb QRN, 
meaning "shine," which occurs in Ex 34:29-30, 35? BDB says the verb 
is a denominative from the noun "horn," to which it ascribes the 
meaning "ray" in Hab 3:4. But it is at least conceivable that the 
"ray" and "shine" words represent an entirely different word, not 
simply an extension of meaning and form of QRN meaning "horn."

					Harold Holmyard

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