[b-hebrew] Karnaim

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Wed Nov 10 07:52:24 EST 2004

On 10/11/2004 03:13, Shoshanna Walker wrote:

> Uh - no, Marianne
> Karnei is not the plural of rays - it is the plural of rays "OF" 
> something, ie: light
> The plural of rays by itself is karnaim.
> Rays OF something (ie light) = karnei - something
> Rays alone = karnaim
Shoshanna, I am a bit confused, because surely both qarnaim and qarne 
are dual forms - which are of course commonly used for "horns" which 
come in pairs. The plural is qeranot, construct qarnot, and is used in 
the Bible. But is the dual in fact used as a more general plural when 
the meaning is "rays"?

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