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Bill Rea:

It appears to me that hometz (heth-mem-tsadeh) (soured, hence "sour dough bread") refers to leavened bread, while s`or (sin-aleph-resh) refers to the yeast itself. This view is strengthened in that honey is mentioned in the same way, and yeast is noticeable in being the only microorganism that can survive in honey (according to a Scientific American article a generation ago). (The latter makes honey an effective though messy antisceptic in emergencies.)

If I remember correctly, nothing with yeast is to be offered on the altar, even wine was to be poured out as a libation on the ground, not altar. I am open to correction on this last sentence.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> B-Hebrewers,
> Leviticus 2:11 has two words, hometz (heth-mem-tsadeh) and s`or
> (sin-aleph-resh) which both seem to mean something which has
> been raised or fermented with yeast. The lexicon I consulted
> (Davidson) has very similar meanings for both words. Do we
> know much about the differences in meaning between these two
> words?
> Thanks.
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