[b-hebrew] Re: Lev 18.22; 20.13 (Robby Martin)

rpunkboy at netzero.com rpunkboy at netzero.com
Mon Nov 8 13:18:17 EST 2004

I would agree with you that both parties are condemned by these verses; this is not the problem that I am seeking to address. Rather, I am concerned with whom the verse is addressing, the passive or active partner? Jerome Walsh's remarks were published in 2001, i.e. the syntax with its use the cognate object would point towards the passive partner being the subject, not the active as it is traditionally understood. I was wondering if his analysis would hold up with everyone here? Of course, Rabbi Akiba's niphal punctuation would work with the first instance of mishkav, "do not be laid." But I'm not sure that it would in the second instance of mishkav isha, "the lyings of a woman." 

Robby Martin
rpunkboy at netzero.net

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