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> >HH: If "baHr" mans "son," then the horns could be part of a phrase
> >indicating a man of strength. Presumably a groom in a marriage would
> >be a person of strength. Horns are a symbol of strength in the Old
> >Testament.
> More likely is the meaning ascribed to Moshe's "karnaim" - that his
> face shown so much, that rays of light protruded from it.
> Keren Or = ray of light
> Shoshanna
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I don't have any idea what the "qarnayim" of the Samaratin Ketubah are, but
the"Or" in "Qaran Or Panav" of Moses (Ex. 34:29, 30, 35) is spelled with an
'Ayin an literally means "the skin of his face becam horned". It is true
that Qeren can also be used figuratively (and in modern Hebrew is used for
"ray", including "radiation"), but that's an interpretation, not the literal


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