[b-hebrew] On the Pronunciation of Hebrew

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-the  vocal chataf qamats is in Sephardic pronounced "o", but in Ashkenazic
it is  pronounced "oy"

In all Ashkenazic dialects I know of, there is no difference between qamats  
gadol and hataf qamats; both are pronounced "aw".  It is holem which is  
pronounced "oy".
Of course, there is no single "Sephardic" pronunciation and no single  
"Ashkenazic" pronunciation.  Lithuanian, Polish, and Hungarian  pronunciations 
differ, although all are Ashkenazic; and Moroccan, Iraqi, and  Turkish 
pronunciations differ, although all are Sephardic.  (And that use  of "Sephardic", of 
course, is very loose, since Iraqi Jews are more accurately  "Mizarahi", i.e. 
Eastern, since they are not descended from Jews who lived in  the Iberian 

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