[b-hebrew] Egypt, Canaan, & the Exodus

david.kimbrough at charter.net david.kimbrough at charter.net
Mon May 31 17:19:14 EDT 2004

The key point that is being missed in this entire 
discussion of dating the Exodus, either based on the text 
of the OT or other external evidence such as Josephus or 
Menetho is that during the period in question, Canaan was a 
province of Egypt.  From the expulsion of the Hyksos in 
1540 BC to at least the end of the nineteenth dynasty, 
(1196 BC), but probably even into the 20th dynasty, Egypt 
exercised military control over Canaan.  Some kings were 
active and aggressive (Thutmoses III, who recorded a 
victory over Canaanite kings at a battle at Megiddo in 1456 
BC) or while others were passive and inattentive (Amenhotep 
IV, 1353-1336 BC aka Akhenaten, and the Amarna letters) but 
all had control. Merenptah (1207 BC) was recording military 
victories in Canaan.  Ramesses III was able to decisively 
crush the invading ?Sea People? because he had troops and 
fortifications in Canaan at Djahy (1176 BC). 

The idea that a group of Israelites (or indeed anybody) 
would flee Egyptian oppression to Canaan during this period 
just does not make sense.  It would be like a group of 
people in London who felt oppressed by Tony Blair and 
decided to flee to Scotland for relief.

David Kimbrough
San Gabriel

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