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Sat May 29 18:40:25 EDT 2004


You're talking of the people who wouldn't even understand a notion of
perfect tense. Those were very simple folks. Don't ascribe to them a love to
modern grammar.


Vadim Cherny

> Everything that you all have said has clarified a few things and I
> appreciate the ways in which you have explained things.
> One last thing;  given that the imperfect can be so easily used to express
> an action that WILL take place at an unknown point in time in the future,
> why use the Perfect to do the same job?  --  I dare to take an
> UNproffessional leap here and offer a thought??  --  Could the idea behind
> the imperfect be that:  This FUTURE event has a beginning but no known
> whereas the perfect expresses an event to take place in the future that
> BOTH a beginning AND a KNOWN end.
> Since I have not had  the years behind me to acquaint myself with all the
> facts I am sure that I am incorrect, however I needed to suggest this.
> Thanks Chris.
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