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In support of Julie's point, let me point out that in the Balaam Plaster
Inscription from Deir 'Ala, the word $dyn (=Shaddayin) appears as a general
noun denoting a generality (perhaps a specific type?) of gods and not one
particular god. This may indicate that the god Shaddai was no longer (or
never?) worshipped by the pepole there at that time.
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> May I add to Jonathan's point that Shaddai names are attested across the
> during the late bronze age, but fade out of use.  If I may borrow a
> sort of reasoning YHWH connotes the Merciful God, but the use of Shaddai
> within later writings (Ruth, Joel) in conjunction with the verb shadad,
> points to the severe side of God.
> cheers,
> Julie :)
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