[b-hebrew] Exodus and Hebrew Language

Michael Banyai Banyai at t-online.de
Sat May 29 07:23:00 EDT 2004

Dear Walter,

this is the tipycal non-argument:
 The problem ? The earliest
> Hebrew script from an archaeological context is the 10th century BCE Gezer
> agricultural calendar (cf. p. 96. Vol. 3. Mark D. McLean. "Hebrew Scripts."
> David Noel Freedman, editor. The Anchor Bible Dictionary. Doubleday. N.Y.
> 1992).
> If Moses wrote the Exodus ca. the 15th century BCE as suggested by 1 Kings
> 6:1, there does not exist yet a Hebrew inscription from that period of time,
> nor does there exist a Hebrew script from the 13th-12th century Ramesside
> era. 

You are simply making a grave confusion between the artificial name of some alphabeth (there were many others earlier in Palestine being labelled on preconceived grounds - proto-canaanitic or canaanitic, etc.) and the very "nationality" of the people(s) who were using it. 

It still remains a matter of debate who this "proto-canaanites" or canaanites were. Or are you supposing there is a correspondence between the alphabets name "proto-canaanitic" and the name of some people in Palestine-Israel the "Proto-Canaanites"?

Are gotical characters an attribute of the Goths? If yes, than which of them? Are Italica used by Italians and Bodoni by the Bodonians?

Well, I doubt there ever existed such a name at the time.

All the best,

Michael Bányai

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