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Joe Baker <joebaker at cygnus.uwa.edu.au> wrote:inter alia, in a very interesting mail:

".... the exploits of a small group of Israelites who returned from
Egypt to join their fellow indigenous Israelites in the highlands......"

Albright and T. Meek, though different in their views of Early Israel, both suggested that not all Hebrews went down to Egypt. The latter also assumes, based on some verses in Exodus, tha those who returned from there were small in number.

I wonder on what is your suggestion based? It opens various possibilities,  for  instance that Merenptah's mention of landless Israel refers to those groups., rather than to those who returned from Egypt.

 You also wrote: 

"Are people on this list aware of Professor Manfred Görg's article "Israel inHieroglyphen" in Biblischen Notizen 106 (2001) 21-27? Ifrom an inscription written during the mid 18th dynasty (c. time of
Amenhotep 2), with the writing of the name Israel following the Middle
Kingdom use of 3 for r. That is, the inscription may mention Israel some 150
years before the inscription of Merenptah...."

Has this been confirmed or commented on by any other Egyptologist?

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