[b-hebrew] "Opens the Womb" and "Firstborn"

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Fri May 28 03:19:10 EDT 2004

Because t is soft, I may envisage connection of peter with pr for "be
fruitful." This is possibly why ptr is usually applied to animals, certainly
in the later layers.

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Vadim Cherny

> Are there any meaningful implications that can be drawn from the common
> of the word: 'BaCHoR' Firstborn and the idea attached to 'PeTeR' as in for
> example 'PeTeR RaCHaM'' at first I thought nothing more of it until I saw
> the Verses from Exodus 13:12-16 where there is constant interchanging
> between the two manners of expressing the 'Firstborn'?
> Any comments are always appreciated.
> greetings to everyone of one of you
> Thankyou  Chris,  from Ireland.
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