[b-hebrew] Why do they do this????

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Thu May 27 08:44:19 EDT 2004

Hi, Chris.

This is a pausal form, linked to the *athnach*. Like *silluq* (the 
vertical accent under the last word in most vv.), the major pause signaled 
by *athnach* causes some vowels to "lengthen" to *qamets*. Of course this 
explanation is entirely post hoc, but is generally accepted. See the ref. 
grammars (e.g., GKC 29i-v; Jouon-Muraoka 32).


Subject:  EZEKIEL  20:7 AND 18  HITPAEL STEM.

Why, in place of the expected 'sheva' under the 'mem' in the verb: "defile
yourselves", am I dissappointed to see an irritating little 'qames'??




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