[b-hebrew] Isaiah: Cyrus

Lisbeth S. Fried lizfried at umich.edu
Thu May 27 07:59:09 EDT 2004

Dear Vadim,
I don't feel teased at all.
I am grateful, actually, for this chance to find
out if there are any inconsistencies in my theory,
and where they are and what. I am not the first 
(nor will I be the last) to suggest that Cyrus
is the Servant. My problem is that there are over
100 years of *modern* scholarship on the Servant,
most in German, and I haven't tackled it enough to
write a paper on it.

As far as Isaiah 63 goes I haven't looked at the 
texts after 56, except for 61, assuming that it was
by a different author.
So, I have no idea. Most commentators assign 60-62 to
So, I don't know.
Thanks for asking tho.
What's your opinion?
> Dear Liz,
> Is Cyrus also coming from Edom in 63:1?
> I'm not teasing you; your interpretation is really curious to me.
> Best regards,
> Vadim
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