[b-hebrew] Vav consecutive Gen 1:3

George Athas gathas at hotkey.net.au
Thu May 27 07:39:33 EDT 2004

Hi Rolf!

> By "preterite," do you mean "grqmmaticalized past tense," i.e. that 
> the WAYYIQTOL is uncancellable past tense in any context, just as 
> English "went" and "walked"? If so, is it possible to differentiate 
> between "past tense" and "past reference," or are all verbs with past 
> reference preterites?  What about the 103 participles, 34 YIQTOLs and 
> 217 QATALs with past reference in the Aramaic part of Daniel?  Are 
> all these preterites?

I would tend towards your 'grammaticalized past tense' explanation. I'm not seeing 'Preterite' as an umbrella term for any verb referring to the past. I think it is a specific prefix verbal conjugation. I'm not sure I want to say 'uncancellable' past tense -- I'll have to chew on that a little. But I am saying at least predominantly past tense.

I'm not making this application to anything in Aramaic -- I'm just making statements pertaining to Hebrew.

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