[b-hebrew] Exodus & Hyksos & dating

kwrandolph kwrandolph at email.com
Wed May 26 18:59:36 EDT 2004

Dear Walter:

Is this a great list or what? First I get one who questions my claim 
that David at about 1000 BC had iron (steel) weapons, now you 
question my explanation for iron age villages starting at 1220 BC.

First of all, the cities built listed in Numbers were east of the 
Jordan River, not the Canaanite hill country.

Secondly, how do you know that it was 1220-1150 BC that there was a 
sudden burst of construction? Why not earlier? A couple centuries 
later? To what are the dates correlated? Are the dates determined by 
written documents listing the reigning monarch, or just the usual 
pottery? How do you know that they were iron age? The other poster 
(sorry, I don't mean to forget your name) indicated he doubted that 
David had steel weapons precisely because a lack of iron implements 
found in "iron age" villages.

The problem for historians is that the main document recording the 
history of Israel has two main focuses: first and foremost, the 
cultic life of the people, and secondly, the political life. Details 
concerning daily life of the common people got very short shrift by 
the writers. Therefore, with the lack of any contemporary written 
explanation for the archeological findings, we are left with 
speculation (and my detractors claim that I can speculate with the 
best of them). To top it off, the most important physical artifacts, 
even of the early iron age, may still have been leather, wood and 
cloth, precisely those materials least like to survive in a tell for 
us to excavate today.

Since we don't even have the dates firmly established, I at this 
point will refrain from speculation.       ;-)

As I stated before, I believe the Exodus occurred 1450 ± 50 years BC.

Karl W. Randolph.

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