[b-hebrew] Vav consecutive Gen 1:3

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Wed May 26 14:35:59 EDT 2004

Dear Geroge,

By "preterite," do you mean "grqmmaticalized past tense," i.e. that 
the WAYYIQTOL is uncancellable past tense in any context, just as 
English "went" and "walked"? If so, is it possible to differentiate 
between "past tense" and "past reference," or are all verbs with past 
reference preterites?  What about the 103 participles, 34 YIQTOLs and 
217 QATALs with past reference in the Aramaic part of Daniel?  Are 
all these preterites?

Best regrds


Rolf Furuli
University of Oslo

>Serves to prove the view that the waw consecutive verbs are not 
>imperfects at all, but preterites (past tense) with a non-converse 
>waw. The jussive is formed off the preterite, hence both forms are 
>shorter than the imperfect.
>Best regards,
>Lecturer in Biblical Languages
>Southern Cross College
>Sydney, Australia
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