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 I agree, it is probably an anachronism.

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>My understand of Pi-Ramesses is that it was built on or 
>near the ruins of Aversis, the Hyksos capital, not the 
>other way around.  The stie is one of strategic importance 
>as both the Hyksos and Ramessid rulers of Egypt realized.
>Pi-Ramesses does indeed mean "House of Ramesses" so it does 
>not seem possible for it to have been built before the 
>assension of Ramesses I (Menpehtyre).  However since he 
>only ruled for at most two years (1295 - 1294), it is 
>unlikely he built Pi-Ramesses.  It is far more likely that 
>it was built by his son Seti I (Menmaatre 1394 - 1279) in 
>honor of his father.
>Again, taking the Gen 47:11 at face value, Joseph could not 
>have arrived in Egypt prior to 1280.
Well, it probably shouldn't be taken so much at face value. Very likely 
this name was added to the text by a later redactor, giving the name by 
which the area was known in his or her time, or perhaps updating an old 
and forgotten name.

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