[b-hebrew] End of the Age

Lee Roy Martin lmartin at vol.com
Tue May 25 11:37:51 EDT 2004

Dear Liz,
In light of your statement below, do you understand apocalyptic as an 
entirely hellenistic invention?
If so, how do you perceive the transition from the prophetic to the 
apocalyptic. For example, it appears to me that some texts in Isaiah, 
Zechariah, Micah, Joel, Ezekiel, etc. seem to be moving toward a "new 
age/kindom age" orientation. Were all of these texts written in the 
Hellenistic period? Or maybe your definition of "end times" is 
different from mine. I am planning a future writing project on this 
topic, so I would very much appreciate hearing your viewpoint.
Lee R. Martin

On May 25, 2004, at 10:02 AM, Lisbeth S. Fried wrote:

I don't believe in end of ages.
>> HH: Thinking of history in terms of ages, and in
>> terms of an age coming to an end, was common in
>> first century Israel, evidently:
> It probably started around the time of Daniel in the
> Hellenistic period.
> I'm stuck in the Persian period tho, and the end times
> hadn't been invented yet.

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