[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53 read within the book as a whole

Lisbeth S. Fried lizfried at umich.edu
Tue May 25 09:39:54 EDT 2004

Dear Harold,
We'll agree to disagree.
I don't believe in end of ages.
> HH: My dissertation assumes that God and Isaiah
> use the Babylonian Captivity of 587 B.C. as a
> type of another "Babylonian Captivity" of God's
> people that will occur at the end of the age. Of
> course, in the New Testament the Book of
> Revelation describes the ruling city at the end
> of the age as Babylon. Isaiah's prophecies
> clearly extend to the end of the age, to a new
> heavens and earth where things are different and
> far better.
> 				Yours,
> 				Harold Holmyard
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