[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53 read within the book as a whole

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How do you read the last suffix haf in the verse?

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> > Doesn't work. 55:1: col, "he" is everyone, every Jew, not a particular
> > person. 
> Right, let him come and eat, and let him hear the good news.
> God is cutting with all of them (all of you) an eternal covenant.
> That covenant is the faithful loyalty of David (for David??).
> See! (see the covenant is being cut right now here before you)
> I have made him (Cyrus) a witness to the peoples, a leader and
> commander to the peoples.
> (Now the speaker turns to Cyrus):
> Behold you will call a nation that you do not know, 
> a nation that does not know you will come running to you. etc.
> The nation that does not know you (i.e., Cyrus) is Israel.
> Then in vs. 6 the speech is to the crowd again.
> Compare this poem to Psalm 18:43-45. That is with regard to the 
> Davidic king. Nations that do not know him will come cringing 
> to him. THis is the same sort of thing as in Isaiah 55, but now
> it is Cyrus. This is the thrust of my Cyrus the Messiah paper.
> Isaiah gave the titulary (messiah, servant, etc.) and the entire
> mythology which formerly belonged to the Davidic heir over
> to Cyrus.
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> Liz
> Then col is transformed into the nation in 55:5. Still not clear,
> > though.
> > Also a problem of him in vs.4 and you in vs.5. Might refer to the same
> > person, but unlikely.
> > Then vs6-7 again of all the people.
> > I would call vs 5 an insert.
> > 
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> > Vadim
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