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Dear Herm,

Since my only agenda is honest scholarship, this whole thing is fast becoming rediculous. Either you disclose all of the "trumps cards" that you intend to play so that we can react, of I conclude that your agenda has nothing to do with scholarship and stop playing.
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  <<And your direct link ti God is....?
  The Holy Ghost (Acts 19:1-6)

  To whom you seem to have a direct link.

  <<Where does scripture assign the NK 260 years? DId you find a mistake in the
  <<243 that I calculated?

  No. With the turmoil that the NK had, it's confusing to solely rely on
  the math of the reigns of kings.  "So called" bible scholars should be
  able to identify the scripture.  One of the major prophets were
  told by God how long Northern Israel would last.  I have a
  future agenda, so I'm not giving any more info on it. 

  <<Ai (Josh 8:19), Hazor (11:11), Jerusalem (Judges 1:8). The rest 
  <<were "destroyed", but fire is not mentioned specifially.

  What has archeology determined the date to be?

  Ai was abandoned around 2200 BCE. Hazor was destroyed by fire around 1280. In Jerusalem, there is very scant evidence of anything between 1600 and 850, and no sign of fire until the Babylonian destruction in 586 BCE.

  <<For the third (and last) time - where do you get these numbers 

  From the biblical date of 722 BC.  Just about everything from the fall
  of Adam to the fall of the NK can be calculated, either by the births
  of sons at a particular age of their fathers, or by time intervals of
  events.  I gave the chronology from 722 BC.  Except for the
  260 years, did you find any error with it?

  I already pointed the errors out: the reign of Saul, the Judges....

  <<What this refers to is the Tower of Babel.

  Exactly.  The continents were divided at the time
  of the Babel Tower.  Didn't you know that?

  Not the continents. The people of the land. The Chronicler is using the name Peleg (divide) to hint at the division of humanity into "nations".



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