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Dear Junya,
A very interesting idea.
There is no indication, however, that it was not
pronounced out loud prior to the time when it became
taboo to pronounce it. King David keeps saying as YHWH lives,
I'm going to kill that so and so. I doubt if he would
have whispered the name in that context. Also, the name
is found on a stone pillar (stele) in Moab written by
king Mesha himself. He states that he destroyed the
temple of YHWH and devoted its vessels to destruction.
Mesha would certainly have pronounced the name out loud.
So I think it was pronounceable.

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> I'm not a scholer, and not at all concerned with Hebrew study, I just
> enjoy
> the talk of those amazing list members.
> There is a simple question. If the sacred name was uttered in ancient
> times
> only in whisper, YHWH does'nt need any vowels. How about this thought?
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