[b-hebrew] question re: Tel Dan stela

Scott Needham jsn at hwhome.com
Mon May 24 16:50:32 EDT 2004


N.P. Lemche, "'House of David': The Tel Dan Inscription(s)",
_Jerusalem in Ancient History and Tradition_, ed. Thomas L. Thompson,
2003, pp. 46-67, [and, I guess, with TLT in the 'Biran Killing David'
article some years ago] asserts (1) that the "byt dwd" part of the
inscription actually appears as "bytdwd" and (2)that the two word
usage would in BH carry significantly different implications than the
one word version.

Regarding (1), one specific question: If this is so, why do 99% of the
writers on the stela present the two word version?

Generally: Anyone care to explicate?

Regards and Happy Trails,

Scott Needham
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