[b-hebrew] Isaiah 53 read within the book as a whole

UUC unikom at paco.net
Mon May 24 13:28:49 EDT 2004

> > >I have put my spirit upon him (certainly as a result of
> > being the Messiah, the Anointed One, to enable him to carry
> > out my purpose).< No, spirit was on the prophets without them
> > being messiahs.
> You're saying that Cyrus was not annointed and so didn't receive
> the spirit???
I say that not everyone with spirit is a savior and - in your
interpretation - not every mention of the one with spirit goes about Cyrus.
There are other people with spirit.

> > > > > , in 48:14ff, in 49
> > > > > obviously not in vs.3,4?
> > > > I omit "Israel" in 3.
> > > Omit it also from the discussion with Abram, and you would  get
> > >Persians a chosen nation Israel was formed to bring Israel back to
> > >YHWH? (vs 5)?
> > I would say that 5-7 is an insert. When spotting
> > interpolation, we should look for the purpose. No purpose in
> > inserting Israel in vs.3.
> Certainly there is.
> A later editor saw Israel as the servant, that's all.
Tanakh generally lacks this type of the "clarification" inserts common in
the NT.

> > >Guilt is not a precondition of responsibility.
> > >I'm responsible if my children damage something.
> > Only if you are guilty of negligence.
> I'm responsible anyway.
Nope. Check with your attorney. Perhaps in the States the courts construe
negligence widely, to cover every damage, but all the same the guilt of
negligence is a precondition of responsibility.

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