[b-hebrew] elohim to aggelous how many times

Philip Engmann phil-eng at ighmail.com
Mon May 24 09:50:28 EDT 2004

1. )LOHIM in the LXX Vorlage[1] is translated aggelous[2] in at least 3
OT verses: LXX Psalm 8:6[5], Psalm 138:1 and Psalm 97:7.
2. May I kindly ask if there are any other such OT examples?[3]
3. I am trying to find all such examples in order to make the case that
)LOHIM in the LXX Vorlage is only translated aggelous in the LXX when
the context debars the usual translation of  )LOHIM as theos; as in the
3 examples quoted above.
Philip Engmann, OT Student.


[1] I am assuming that the Proto-MT serves as an adequate replacement to
the extant LXX Vorlage.
[2] Or an inflection of aggelous
[3] The biblical search tools that I have, such as Gesenius and Strong's
are rather limited.

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