[b-hebrew] Jericho/Eden(6)

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Sun May 23 20:13:48 EDT 2004

Dear Herman,

>We can always come from the other direction.  After the
>Ice Age, God made Adam in about 7200 BC (my guess).
>Eve didn't come along until about 7000 BC.  It took
>Satan almost 3000 years, but he finally was able to
>obtain possession of mankind's souls (the Fall) in 4267

HH: We can stop right here. What basis is there for the 7200 B.C. 
date? And how do you get the 4267 B.C. date? It would be poor 
methodology to guess an initial date and then base a lot of other 
dates on a supposed distance from the initially guessed date. The 
foundation for all the other dates would not be solid. That seems to 
be what you are doing, but perhaps not, since 4267 B.C. is awfully 

				Harold Holmyard

>By adding up the geneologies from the Fall (when Adam
>began to "age"[die]), we have 1,656 years which gives
>us the year 2611 BC for the flood of Noah.  The flood ended
>in 2610 BC, and Shem fathered  Arphaxad two years after the
>flood (Gen. 11:10).  The earth (dry land) was divided just after
>Peleg was born, in 2509 BC (1st Chronicles 1:19).
>Afterwards, 191 years later, Abram was born in 2318 BC.
>One year before Isaac was born, Sodom and the Cities of the
>Plain were destroyed in 2219 BC.  Jacob was born in 2158
>BC, and when he was ninety years old, Joseph was born
>in 2068 BC.  When Joseph was 17, in the year 2051 BC,
>he was taken by caravan to Egypt.  When he was twenty,
>he was put in prison, and made governor when he was 30
>years old, in 2038 BC.

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