[b-hebrew] Jericho/Eden(6)

George F. Somsel gfsomsel at juno.com
Sun May 23 17:55:49 EDT 2004

Greetings Comrad Ephraim,

Apparently you haven't awakened to the fact that the Soviet Union no
longer exists and that Communism is on the wane.

I repeat my question.  Do you have a text / texts you would like to
discuss?  Otherwise, it would seem to me that this discussion would be
better handled on the ANE list.


On Sun, 23 May 2004 17:34:17 EDT Ephraim49 at aol.com writes:
> Dear Comrades:
> Come..come..now.  I hope that I'm not surrounded by
> only scoffers.  Don't rely on those that don't understand 
> the written word of God.
> I have two trump cards, which I want to retain as my
> "signature identification".  Theology in general has not given
> mankind the correct information.  One "card" is the confirming
> scripture for the length of 260 years for the existence of the
> Northern Kingdom.
> If Jericho has only one instance of fire damage, determined to
> be at about 1550 BC, what is the problem?  My expertise is
> in Genesis.  Were any other cities destroyed by fire?
> We can always come from the other direction.  After the
> Ice Age, God made Adam in about 7200 BC (my guess).
> Eve didn't come along until about 7000 BC.  It took
> Satan almost 3000 years, but he finally was able to 
> obtain possession of mankind's souls (the Fall) in 4267
> BC.  
> By adding up the geneologies from the Fall (when Adam 
> began to "age"[die]), we have 1,656 years which gives
> us the year 2611 BC for the flood of Noah.  The flood ended
> in 2610 BC, and Shem fathered  Arphaxad two years after the 
> flood (Gen. 11:10).  The earth (dry land) was divided just after
> Peleg was born, in 2509 BC (1st Chronicles 1:19).
> Afterwards, 191 years later, Abram was born in 2318 BC.
> One year before Isaac was born, Sodom and the Cities of the
> Plain were destroyed in 2219 BC.  Jacob was born in 2158
> BC, and when he was ninety years old, Joseph was born
> in 2068 BC.  When Joseph was 17, in the year 2051 BC,
> he was taken by caravan to Egypt.  When he was twenty,
> he was put in prison, and made governor when he was 30
> years old, in 2038 BC.
> This is the chronology of modern man in Genesis.  Any
> comments?
> Regards,
> Herman (Ephraim49 at aol.com)
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