[b-hebrew] Jericho, dating, and speculating

Julie Devall krena_li_mara at hotmail.com
Sun May 23 02:42:39 EDT 2004


Let me see:
    480 from 1018 BC
    40  from 1558 BC
    you have 1598 BC as the correct year of the Exodus.
    Therefore, Israel became slaves in 1998 BC,
    Jacob brought his family to Joseph (during the famine) into Egypt in 
    Joseph, being thirty years old, was appointed governor in 2038 BC.
    Before I forget, 4267 BC is not the year the world began:

Since the numbers are working out just right, I would guess you are
    suggesting 4268 as the year the world began or the time of perfect man?
    It's not a prime number... where are you heading?  Kabbalah, I'm too 
young to read it...

    Julie :)

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