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Hi Walter.

You answered first, so you get to drive. (You are a wealth of information).

<<Given a choice, I'll go for an Assyrian Capivity ca. 722 BC to reckon a 
<<chronolgy from.

Ok, for the time being, I won't convey the scripture that confirms this,
however, the Northern Kingdom lasted for 260 years.  After going
back 260 years, that brings us to 982 BC, for the year that Solomon
dies, and the division of the united kingdom.  

Next, we have 120 years for the combined reigns of Solomon, David,
and Saul.  Therefore, Saul began the monarchy in 1102 BC.  But now,
we need an accurate defined length of time for the period of the Judges. 
In Acts chapter 13, Paul gives a historical narrative of the nation of
Israel.  He cites that there was a total of 450 years for the Judges, which
yields the year 1552 BC for the end of the conquest.  Add 6 years (5.5)
for the conquest, we now have 1558 BC for the fall of Jericho.

Now.  Why is 1st Kings 6:1 in error (or miscopied)?  If you withdraw
480 years from 1018 BC, the fourth year of Solomon, you have 
1498 BC as being the year of the Exodus.  But that is not correct.  It
is 100 years off.  Go backward 40 years from 1558 BC, you have 1598
BC as the correct year of the Exodus.  Ms. Kathy Kenyon confirmed
the 1558 BC date for the fire damage of the Jericho walls.  Archaeology
provides the key to the correct chronology. 

Therefore, Israel became slaves in 1998 BC, and Jacob brought his 
family to Joseph (during the famine) into Egypt in 2028 BC.  Joseph,
being thirty years old, was appointed governor in 2038 BC.

Before I forget, 4267 BC is not the year the world began:

<<( Now, if the Bible has "erred" on this point how do we know for sure that 
<<the world began 4267 BC ?

What I said was, "the fall of MODERN man was in 4267 BC.

The floor is open for discussion.


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