[b-hebrew] True Date of the Jericho Battle(3)

Ephraim49 at aol.com Ephraim49 at aol.com
Sat May 22 18:45:39 EDT 2004

Hi Yigal.

Thanks for responding.

<<The so-called "traditional date" is based on 1 Kings 6:1, where it says that
<<the Temple was built in Solomon's 4th year, which was the 480th year since
<<the Exodus.

This is why "so called" bible scholars and doctors of theology teach the wrong
things.  They don't do their homework.  1st Kings 6:1 was miscopied, or
mistranslated.  There is another series of calculations from the bible that
expose that verse as being incorrect.  By what Ms. Kathy Kenyon 
discovered, scientific reality further proves that verse to be in error.

It should read 580 years.  The fourth year of Solomon ended in 1018 BC.


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