[b-hebrew] True Date of the Jericho Battle(2)

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Sat May 22 18:32:25 EDT 2004

Hi Walt.

Thanks for your reply.

<<Where are you getting your Exodus dates from ? As you noted, most 
<<Conservative scholars date the Exodus as ca. 1446 BC based on 480 years 
<<elapsing from the Exodus to Solomon's fourth year of rule, which is usually 
<<reckoned as ca. 966 BC (cf. 1 Kings 6:1).

I severely question the accuracy of the "famed group" (bible scholars and 
theologians).  How do they arrive at the date of 966 BC?  All biblical (OT) 
events must be calculated forward from the "fall of Adam from the Garden of 
Eden", in 4267 BC, or backward from the "fall" of the Northern Kingdom 
(of Israel) by Assyria in 722 BC.

<<In your e-mail to me the date for the Exodus you give is _1598_BC, but in 
<<your e-mail to Julie you tell her the Exodus is _1558_ BC. Which is it , 
<<or 1558 BC ? 

This is what I wrote to you (Walt)

        >>The children of Israel spent 430 years in Egypt, becoming slaves in
        >>1998 BC, and being led out by Moses in 1598 BC.  These are biblical 
        >>dates.  So again, where are you getting the dates mentioned in the 

This is what I wrote to Julie:

        >>In my opinion, many are trying to FORCE the archaeological evidence 
        >>point to the (erroneous) year of 1400 BC.  But the correct 
        >>of scripture (given next time) reveals it to be 1558 BC. 

The children of Jacob crossed the Red Sea in 1598 BC, and crossed the
Jordan River in 1558 BC, after their 40 years of wandering.

<<What year is the 4th year of Solomon for you and what is the 
<<evidence for this particular calculation ?

The Solomon completed his fourth year in 1018 BC.  I'm glad
someone finally asked me for evidence.  But before I do so,
we must come to an agreement concerning either 4267 BC as being
the year "of the fall of modern man", or have common consent
that the year 722 BC was when Assyria overran (Northern) Israel
and scattered the (lost) ten tribes.  Which will it be?


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