[b-hebrew] True Date of the Jericho Battle

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The so-called "traditional date" is based on 1 Kings 6:1, where it says that
the Temple was built in Solomon's 4th year, which was the 480th year since
the Exodus.

NOW: Assuming that the Shishak invasion was in 926, which was Rehoboam's 5th
year (1 Kings 14:25), Rehoboam succeeded Solomon in 931/0, Solomon became
king in 971/0 so Solomon's 4th year was 967/6. Subtract (or actually add)
480, you get 1446. Take away 40 years in the wilderness, you get 1446 for
Joshua's invasion.

Of course, that only works if you assume that the dates given are accurate,
including 40 years for Solomon (and 40 for David), 40 years in the
wilderness, and the 480, which just HAPPENS to be 40 x 12 (tribes?).

While Kenyon's chronology has been revised, the basic facts seem to be
correct: the city at Tell es-Sultan, identified as the ancient site of
Jericho, was a large, fortified city during the Middle Bronze Age, which was
more-or-less abandoned at the beginning of the Late Bronze Age, around 1550

However, even if that date is off by about a century either way it would not
make a difference, as there is NO archaeological OR textual evidence of any
appearance of anything that anyone could identify as "Israelites" until the
very end of the 13th century.

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> Hello.
> As I hear, the "traditional date" for the fall of Jericho
> by Joshua is about 1406 BC, rounded to 1400 BC, as
> given by "bible scholars".  I have biblical evidence
> that the date was 1558 BC.
> Ms Kenyon from England determined via archeology that
> the date was about 1550.  Care to discuss it?
> Herman Cummings
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