[b-hebrew] Learning weak verbs.

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Sat May 22 14:06:51 EDT 2004

On Saturday 22 May 2004 08:51, wattswestmaas wrote:
> Dear Most experienced scholars,
> A rather quick question about 'The Learning Methodology' for mastering weak
> verbs.  Are there any tips and tricks (apart from having a book with the
> complete conjugations) about grasping them OR is it a simple case of
> "forget it, just learn how to recognise them in their various forms"
> What do the majority of you do - if I may ask?

I learned a handful of rules regarding things like vowel lengthening, open and 
closed syllables, and the like, that I was able to use in reading to make at 
least an educated guess about the form of a word.  In the case of T"LED that 
someone else brought up, for example, the tsere under the preformative tells 
me at once that there's a reason for the lengthening: most likely, an 
assimilated yod that is probably part of the root.  That gives me a root YLD, 
which I can then look up if I don't already know it.  The beginning grammar I 
learned from was Marks and Rogers, and it spent a lot of time on such things, 
showing typical vowel lengthening and reducing patterns in various kinds of 
weak verbs.  I can highly recommend this kind of approach, because it not 
only avoids memorizing those godawful paradigm lists, but it gives you visual 
cues for spotting unorthodox forms as well.

>From there I can offer three pieces of advice: read, read, read.

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